Top investment

Why invest in a Maxmilián mountain apartment in Kvilda, in the Šumava region? Because it’s an exceptional, one-off opportunity. Because there is no better address for a second home in the whole of the Czech Republic. Because there is a demand for accommodation in this location in every season. Because Kvilda is the top – not just in altitude, but also in its facilities. 

Payment plan

reservation fee

100 000 CZK (incl. VAT)

Payment within 5 days of the conclusion of the contract

1. deposit

15 % of the purchase price (incl. VAT)

Payment within 5 days of the conclusion of the future contract

2. deposit  

45 % of the purchase price (incl. VAT)

On completion of the fabric


40 % of the purchase price (incl. VAT)

Before conclusion of the purchase contract

Financing the purchase of a unit with a mortgage 

We know that ensuring suitable financing is a key element when buying real estate. So we have prepared for you the most economical mortgage for acquiring your new apartment, with no pointless paperwork.

Mortgage service offers

  • reductions on interest rates for project clients
  • no fee for mortgage set-up
  • no fee for mortgage administration
  • obtaining a valuation for the purchased real estate
  • option of making one-off mortgage payments with no charge
  • option of ensuring a low interest rate today and using the mortgage later

Model mortgage calculation

Layout Average price Mortgage 80% ltv Repayment over 20 years Repayment over 25 years Repayment over 30 years
1+kt 2 290 0000 CZK 1 832 0000 CZK 9 259 CZK 7 756 CZK 6 762 CZK
2+kt 4 890 0000 CZK 3 912 0000 CZK 19 772 CZK 16 562 CZK 14 440 CZK

The monthly payments above correspond to a reference interest rate of 1,99 % p.a.