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Kvilda Year-round tourist destination

With its altitude of 1,065 metres above sea level, Kvila is the highest village not only in the Šumava region, but also in the whole of the Czech Republic. This year-round tourist destination with many guest houses and privately-owned cottages offers numerous opportunities for winter and summer activities as well as complete infrastructure. You can find shops, restaurants, a post office, a renowned bakery and sports rental shop here.

However, what makes Kvilda most famous is the untouched nature of the Šumava National Park which surrounds it. The village land includes six protected areas, for example the Jezerní slat mire or the  Source of the Vltava river. To the south, there is the Bavorský les National Park. The closest town is Vimperk, 16 km away.


Kvilda and its surroundings

Ski Kvilda – ski resort 100 m
Kvilda car park 300 m
Information centre  300 m
Village hall 300 m
St Stephen’s church 250 m
Restaurant “U krále Šumavy” 400 m
Bakery 450 m
Post office 450 m

Why come to Šumava

Cycling and hiking

Cycling and hiking

The network of well-marked cycling paths is 2 100 kilometres long, with a bike repair shop in almost every town. 

There are also almost 500 km of marked hiking trails, with the longest, the Šumava trail, 120 km long, crossing the whole Šumava region.

Trips into the Šumava wilderness with a guide are also popular, with thirty different trails available. Each town has information panels with a map of the hiking trails and cycling paths in the region.

Cross-country and downhill skiing

For downhill skiing, you can choose from one of several ski resorts, two of which can be found on the German side of the Šumava region.

There is a network of cross-country skiing tracks with a length of 450 km and gentle uphill and downhill sections. Those that follow the canals are particularly interesting.

The altitudes of the tracks are mostly above 1000 m, which ensures good snow conditions.

Kvilda has a ski school for downhill and cross-country skiing and snowboarding.

Cross-country and downhill skiing
Sightseeing and relaxation

Sightseeing and relaxation

The Šumava region has an interesting history. Dozens of castles and manor-houses, charming villages and well-preserved historical town centres recount the area’s past.

The local unique nature is protected, but not inaccessible. The countryside is criss-crossed by hundreds of kilometres of all sorts of path and trails, and is also served by so-called Green Buses – ecological public transport.

You can reach the Šumava peaks on foot, or take one of the nine ski lifts.

The Lipno dam offers numerous tourist attractions, and it is not alone. The whole of the Šumava region is ready to offer its visitors and population relaxation for the body and soul.


In many respects, the Šumava region is unique: it has a clean environment, breath-taking beauty, numerous opportunities for relaxation and practical services for all kinds of tourism.

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